2014 Senior Model Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2014 Senior Model Representative for Rebecca Thompson Photography. Fill out the application below and we will contact you to set up a model interview! Please note that spots are limited for the 2014 opportunity.

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Who inpsires you? (artists, musicians, writers, athletes, people in your life, etc) Why do they inspire you?

What makes you a great senior model for Rebecca Thompson Photography?

How many seniors do you realistically think you can refer to Rebecca Thompson Photography?

How would you spread the word about Rebecca Thompson Photography?

Please read carefully.

Parent's Permission
I have my parent's permission to apply to be a Senior model for Rebecca Thompson Photography.

Model Release
If chosen as a model, Rebecca Thompson Photography may use images of me for promotion of their senior photography.

Positive Image Contract
If chosen as a model, I agree to only represent Rebecca Thompson Photography and will not represent any other studio. I understand that not only am I representing my school and myself, but I am also promoting a positive image of Rebecca Thompson Photography. This includes talking positively about my RTP experience to my friends and classmates. I also understand that any violation of this agreement will cancel all benefits I may be entitled to from my referrals.

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